Kiki Mallach Hameln Mord 1978

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von Anna • 1 Beitrag

Hello! I found this site when I searched for Christiane Mallach who was murdered in june 1978. First of all, I think that the information here is very concise and clear, which makes me happy. This is the first time that I write about this in a forum. This is a long time ago, but now and then I think of it. And sometimes it hurts but I've learned to live with it.

I am the daughter to the truck driver that murdered Christiane. I saw that I was called Sara, and my father was called Erik Knutsson. Well, that's not the correct names. When it is a case like this, the newspapers in Sweden don't leave out the real names. This is a completely tragedy for all parts, and it was very hard for me when the memorys showed up through "flash lights" . There were many people who didn't believe me, and there were also people that used this for personal gain because it was an exceptional case. But fortunately there were people that believed in every word I said. Well, there is a human being behind every story. My father gave the impression that he was a very nice and open-minded person. That was'nt the case. I suppose that a person that is capable of murdering another human being is just like that. I'm not sure that he regrets what he did, but somewhere I will believe that he got some kind of punishment.

I don't remember where we picked up Christiane, but I remember her very well. She was very nice to me, but she also understood, just like me, that something would happen. She was frightened of my father. When my father assaulted Christiane, he thougt that I was asleep, He didn't se me at all, and what I can understand he was surprised that I could remember this.
My father acutally admitted that he did it, but the Swedish Police didn't take it seriously. In the trial, they never told the judge about this. I am very critical of the Police in Sweden. Unfortunately the case was'nt very well handled by the police officer. But I'm so greatful that I met the policemen in Hameln, Dieter Schröder and Rudi Malluck (?). They treated me with a lot of respect and they were also very tough to me during the hearings, which made me understand that this was taking seriously. I'm also very grateful to Walter Landgraf, the attourney in Hannover, that he really showed me respect despite the tough and long hearings.

My purpose by telling this to the Police, was that it was important for me that Christianes family had to had an answer about what happened to their daughter and sister. I later got a letter from Christianes sister, and her words made me understand that everything was worth it.

Regarding my father... He lost his job, and many friends. but of course did he have people around him that believed in him. He never contacted me after this, thougn he percecuted me from work.a couple of times just after the second trial, but I was protected by the Police. After a while he got a new job and a new social life with new friends. The greatest victory for me is that he is afraid of me when we run into each others. And I know in my heart that every pain and every tear was worth this.

My wonder to you is if somebody knows where Christiane is buried. I would like to just give her a rose once to "say hello" and once for all put this behind me. I would also know which newspapers in Germany that wrote some articles about this.

All the best!

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RE: Kiki Mallach Hameln Mord 1978

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von Heimo • 1.534 Beiträge

Hello Anna,

thank you for your report. I am a mod of this forum. We show our respect to you. You must have been very brave in order to write this posting. We haven´t read many reports like yours yet. Once a son-in-law of murderer wrote me about his feelings and the feelings of his wife. He asked for a connection to the relatives of the victims. But I wasn´t able to help him.

You described your opinion about your father. In my view it´s really a tough decision. If I were you I am not to sure if I can do it in same way. But you were able to tell your point of view in Sweden. And you were brave enough to tell it to the German police and attorney although no-one had believed you in your home country. That courage made it possible to solve this case.

You have asked for the grave of Kiki. I doubt it very much that a user knows this. And I think it´s possible that there will be no grave anymore. As far as I am concerned I know you can buy a place on the graveyard for 25 years in Germany. But this time is already expired. There is a possilbility for pronlongation but if the family did that?

I cant answer in which newspaper you will read about this murderer. A user mentioned the General-Anzeiger which is printed in Stadthagen. You can see it in this thread "http://azxy.communityhost.de/t496408981f354157108-FF-Hameln-Kiki-Mord.html".

Once again thank you for your posting. God bless you.

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RE: Kiki Mallach Hameln Mord 1978

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von Natascha Mallach • 1 Beitrag

Dear Anna,
I do not know if this name will reach you but I really hope for me and my husband is still very involved in the murder of Christiane. Christiane was the sister of my husband, born in 1979. Even if he could not get to know her, this has been his life for a long time. The family is totally destroyed in this murder. The sister from whom you received the letter has already passed away. She never got over the death of Christiane. The parents had separated and the father died in the mid 90s, my mother in law we carried to grave last year. That's the short form. I ask for your understanding that I do not want to publicly spread everything. Because my husband suffers from it today. Christiane was buried here in Schaumburg in sűlbeck. However, the grave was leveled. The last member of the family is my husband, but please do not be shy, you are welcome to contact us. We have children ourselves and I can imagine how much you are burdened with such a terrible thing you can not forget. And please do not blame yourself but your father did this terrible act. Please, please do not be afraid and contact us. Gladly by email. Aethusa@live.de we can gladly exchange more. There are many black sheep claiming to be someone they are not but when

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